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Multimedia and Graphic Design

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Courses covering a range of studies and popular design products. Digital photography, graphic design, multimedia, web design and more!
Multimedia and Graphic Design


Adobe Animate CC
Price: $375.00
This course provides hands-on learning with Adobe Animate to create interactive animations for games, apps, and the web. Working through 10 project-based lessons, students will learn step-by-step how to create animations using Adobe's latest version of Animate. Students should take the time necessary time to gain understanding as to how each part of the program works as they progress through the course. Students will need a copy of Animate CC in order to complete practice lessons throughout the course.. Click here for the full description of Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Creative Cloud Bundle
Price: $2,199.00
The Adobe Creative Cloud Bundle has the design tools to bring your ideas from conception to works of art. This bundle covers the concepts of Photoshop, Animate, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere. Topics covered include image editing and compositing, interactive animations for multiple platforms, design and development of modern and responsive websites, graphics and illustration, page design and layout for print and digital publishing, and the creation and sharing of videos online.. Click here for the full description of Adobe Creative Cloud Bundle

Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Price: $375.00
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2020 is one of the most powerful programs that are within the Adobe Creative Cloud suite when it comes to website and app development. Students taking this course will gain knowledge as to how to create interactive and engaging websites and simple applications that can be used on mobile devices. Within the course, students will be able to insert pictures, objects, images, and use templates to create these projects. Additionally, gaining fundamental knowledge of website design basics will help students to work in numerous environments as well as incorporating animation and video. In order to complete the course successfully, students will need a copy of Dreamweaver CC.. Click here for the full description of Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Illustrator CC
Price: $375.00
Adobe Illustrator allows you to create artwork that you can use for web pages or any print or electronic media. This course will give students a good overview of the tools and features of Illustrator. Students will create artwork using the various tools including the pencil and pen tools. Students will learn the various ways to apply color to their artwork. Students will work with layers, the 3D effects, and symbols. Students will need to have a copy of Adobe Illustrator CC in order to do coursework.. Click here for the full description of Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe InDesign CC
Price: $375.00
Adobe InDesign allows you to design and produce stunning documents on your desktop printer or using a professional printer. Or convert your documents to PDF format or publish them on a website. This class will walk you through setting up the InDesign workspace, adding text and graphics to your document, creating layouts with frames and applying formatting with styles. Students will need a copy of Adobe InDesign to follow along with the practice activities.. Click here for the full description of Adobe InDesign CC

Adobe Photoshop CC
Price: $750.00
Looking for a solid foundation in the industry standard graphics and image editor, Photoshop? Learn the basics and much more in this online program. If you are a graphic/web designer, digital artist or a photographer, with little or no working knowledge of Photoshop, or even if you are already familiar with Photoshop, this is the course for you! Take the plunge and sign up today to learn how to master the world's number one image editing software! Students will need a copy of Adobe Photoshop CC in order to do coursework.. Click here for the full description of Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Premiere CC
Price: $375.00
Adobe Premiere gives you powerful video and audio editing tools. Students will add transitions, special effects, graphics, titles, and music to their Premiere projects. Students will adjust the image quality of the video and edit and mix the sound track. Students will build picture-in-picture effects, create animated titles, record voice-overs, add motion effects, and publish the results to a variety of formats. Students will create streaming video for playback on a web site. Students must have a copy of Adobe Premiere. Students must have a copy of Adobe Premiere CC in order to do coursework.. Click here for the full description of Adobe Premiere CC


Adobe Acrobat DC
Price: $375.00
Adobe Acrobat allows users to convert documents you create in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other application into Portable Document Files (PDF). A PDF can be viewed and printed by any with a copy of Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. In this course students will learn to create and manage PDF files. Students will add navigation aids to their PDF files. Students will prepare documents for review and adding security features to their documents. Students will also learn to complete PDF forms electronically. Students must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat DC in order to do coursework.. Full description of Adobe Acrobat DC

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC
Price: $375.00
This class will introduce the new user to the basics of working with Photoshop for retouching images and drawing. Students will be able to use various techniques for selecting in order to edit and retouch images. Students will be able to prepare images for including in a web site or for including in printed documents. Students will be able to edit images using the painting tools, clone stamp and drawing tools. Students will be able to create new images using the pen tool and the drawing and painting tools. Students will be able to create and edit images using layers. Students will need a copy of Photoshop. A 30-day trial version is available. Book Included.. Full description of Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC